• Roll under sink and cooktop

  • All cabinets are sliding drawers

  • Drawer style dishwasher

  • Fridge with pull door and freezer on top 

  • Wall oven 

  • Jar grips  



  • 3 foot wide hallways and doorways

  • 5 feet radius anywhere turning occurs

  • lowered light switches

  • Raised power outlets

  • Open concept for easier sign communication

  • Adjustable/dimmable lighting

  • Light  and audio smoke and CO2 detectors

  • Mindful furniture selections for Fat community + Additional weight cap. options

  • Shoe horns 

  • Pet Friendly



  • Vibrating alarm clock for deaf community

  • Adjustable electronic bed frames

  • Bed hoists 

  • High weight capacity beds

  • Closet pull down bars

  • Noise machines

  • Wedge Pillows



  • Grip bars around toilet and in shower area

  • Bathtub lifts

  • 5x5 shower area 

  • Shower and dry area benches

  • Transfer chairs

  • Bidets 

  • Comfort height toilets

  • high weight capacity toilet



  • Mobi Chair 

  • Pool lift for lake 

  • Accessible sauna

  • Grip bars in studio

  • 3ft wide paved and well lit pathways

  • Adaptive canoe seat

  • Mindful furniture selection for Fat community

  • Cannabis friendly 


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If any other modifications would make your stay more accessible- please get in touch! We'd love to incorporate it.