Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open?

Not yet! We ran an Indiegogo Campaign September 16, 2020-November 16, 2020 to raise the seed funding needed to build. While we raised an amazing 49% of our goal, or ~147k  CAD, because it was an "all or nothing campaign" we were not able to keep those funds and are now pursuing other opportunities to raise the funding needed to build. As soon as we have secured the funding needed to build, we estimate it to take ~6 months to be able to build and host you! To stay tuned on our building status and to be among the very first to book your stay with us, sign up for email updates here!

Can I stay at Golden Gaze even if I don't identify as Queer, Racialized, Disabled, Fat, and/or otherwise marginalized?

Are allies welcome?

Yes! We aren't making a place exclusive to equity-seeking communities. Designing with the most marginalized among us in mind means it is more accessible for everyone--not less accessible for you. Everyone can use a ramp, not everyone can use stairs. We expect our visitors to follow our "Golden Rules" listed on our Rates and Terms page which ensures our B&B is a safe and respectful place for anyone to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Canadian mountains! Visit us soon!

How can I help make this dream come alive?

Thanks for seeing the potential of Golden Gaze. We know it will be a standout retreat!  Sign up for email updates and keep telling folks about us!

Where can I learn more?

You can see more of what we are up to at, on Instagram @Goldengazebnb_ , or

When will y’all be open?

We hope to have financing in place by Spring 2021. Canada can be tricky to build in through the winter months (November-April), so we are aiming to break ground in May 2021. Construction with Green Magic Homes is swift, so with the deities of construction on our side, we hope to be ready to welcome you near the end of 2021 or sooner if possible!


Why not buy an established bed and breakfast?

By starting from scratch we can ensure our cabins are made with our guests in mind with the level of accessibility we are committing to. This also ensures that our septic, water, and power system are state-of-the-art, eco-efficient technology that will keep us copacetic with the earth for years to come. Building with sustainability and accessibility from the ground up means we are planning for the future and won't have to retrofit spaces to meet our values.


I love this! How can I partner with y’all?

We would love to connect! You can fill out our contact form, email us, or DM us on Instagram or Facebook. We are open to all kinds of ideas and partnerships, so drop us a message and see how we might be able to collaborate.

Are you planning to be operation if there is still a pandemic?

Yup! We are building our place with this new-normal in mind. All of the cabins will be built a substantial distance apart with private patios, fire pits, and hammocks. Breakfasts will be (contactless) delivered to your room, rather than be enjoyed in the common area. Other cleanings, sanitizing, distancing, and mask protocols will be in place as per the recommendations and requirements of the health minister. 


What kind of sustainable practices will you be using?

From the ground up, we hope to create as little strain on Mother Earth as we can. Our whole facility will be connected to a biofilter septic system that uses gray water and natural filtering. This creates a huge reduction in water and energy usage. We will be solar-powered and fitted with wind turbines. We should be able to produce all of our own energy, making us net-zero! But just in case nature is taking a break, we will be grid-tied to keep you comfortable.

All cabins will come with eco-efficient appliances and a composter to ensure we minimize our food waste. All heating will be wood-burning (sustainable wood harvesting practices). Much of the decor and a few furniture pieces will be thrifted- further reducing our impact.


What accessibility measures are you implementing?

All of our cabins will be designed to easily accommodate wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, or other mobility assisting devices. Our halls and living spaces will be spacious to allow for easy access. Our cabin kitchens will all feature low cabinets, with pull out drawers, adaptive sink, and cooktop to allow wheelchair users easier access. Our beds will be on a remote-controlled, adjustable frame. All rugs can be removed prior to your stay if you find them difficult to navigate. We have a full list of our accessibility measures here. 

What about bathroom accessibility?

All toilets will be comfort height to allow for easier transfer on and off. They will be equipped with bidets. Grab bars will be installed near the toilets and in the showers. The shower will be outfitted with a shower bench- that is actually near the controls. One of our limitations is our bathtubs as they are not step-in style. so, In order to allow for more easy access, we will provide bathtub lifts for anyone who requires one. We will also have seat risers available.

How accessible are the amenities?

Our sauna will be custom built to be accessible, so everyone can enjoy the space! Our lake will slope gradually and have Mobi mats and a Mobi chair to allow for easier access. As well as a canoe with an adapted seat. We will also have a pool lift on the dock for those who could use assistance getting into the water. The yoga sanctuary will have grab bars on one wall to help you move during your practice. All pathways between amenities and cabins will be accessible and lit.

What if I'm bigger than the average person?

We were mindful of weight capacities when selecting our furniture. Most of our seating is suitable for up to 350 lbs per seat. We also have additional seating options that we will happily swap out for any guests who would prefer more peace of mind with a seat rated above 350lbs. We will have all the weight capacities of furniture available if you want to have a look before or during your stay.


Missing something that would really help you access the place?

We are happy to explore any other modifications that would make your stay more restorative. Just get in touch! Especially now, while major changes can easily be made in the concept stage- we want to make our space friendly for all.


I’m sober. I wish there wasn’t cannabis, beer, and wine here.

Congratulations on your sobriety! We know that recovery can be an arduous journey and we send all our love to you! Addictions disproportionately affect marginalized communities- and we want to create a space that allows rest for everyone, so we are committed to hosting at least 2 sober weekends a year. All paraphernalia associated with cannabis and alcohol will be removed from the common areas during these weekends. We will happily increase this number of sober days if the interest is there!  We recognize not everyone's sobriety journey looks the same, so we are committed to finding a solution for you to have a vacation without temptation.


Why Golden, B.C?

We absolutely love the mountains, and our times in Golden have been magical. We’ve road-tripped through, stayed for anniversaries, and even just driven out for a night's escape. We love the small-town feel that is invigorated by great businesses, restaurants, and breweries and the people have been so welcoming!


How do I get there?

Calgary is the closest international airport. Golden is within a three-hour drive from Calgary, making it easy to fly in and rent a car for your scenic drive to our place. The highway will take you past world-renowned landmarks like Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake, and much more. The beauty is truly unparalleled. If you don’t drive or don’t want to drive- get in touch with us and we can help you arrange transportation. There’s even a charter bus that runs between the two for under $100 CAD.

How far are you from downtown Golden?

The properties we have in mind are about 25 minutes from the downtown core of Golden. So you’ll have privacy, clear stars at night, and a short jaunt over to the city if you want to check out more of what Golden has to offer!


Do I need a passport?

If you are coming from outside of Canada, you are going to need a valid passport. Some countries are also required to have visas. Please look into your particular requirements ahead of time to ensure you have smooth travels.


What if you can’t find land in Golden?

We are working with a realtor in the area, and are hopeful that between the suitable options- one will work out for Golden Gaze. However, if we cannot secure a feasible space we will find something in nearby areas that works. If our final location is not in a nearby area, all backers will be contacted and given the option to be reimbursed if the location doesn’t work for them, or have their contribution transferred to another perk.

Whose land is it anyway?

The area we are interested in building this dream upon is located on the unceded lands of the Ktunaxa people- specifically the ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation. In the late 1800s, the colonizers forced the Ktunaxa people onto small reserves and stripped them of their rights, protections, their children, heritage, tradition, and access to the land.


Have things gotten better?

The atrocities against the indigenous people of Canada continue to this day through disproportionate incarceration, police brutality, and over-policing, disproportionate rates of child apprehensions and involvement with child and family services, neglected treaties, unclean drinking water on many reservations, and MANY other forms of systemic and systematic racism. Many first nations have recently created revised their Land Codes that seek to return sovereignty and jurisdiction to the nations.


How will you be respectful of the indigenous community there?

We are committed to living within the land code created by the rightful land stewards of the area. We have been in contact with the first nation and will not move forward without their explicit consent and support. Our goal is to give the land back to the ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation should they want to engage with Canadian law to do so.


Will you be partnering with the indigenous community at all?

We plan to partner with indigenous makers, producers, landscapers, builders, farmers, coffee makers, electricians, plumbers, and more to ensure that our investment in the community is staying within the community.


Why do you allow cannabis?

Cannabis is a healing medicine that has been used for centuries by a variety of cultures. Its complex structure can benefit our bodies in so many ways from pain relief to anxiety control, to appetite stimulation, and even appetite suppression depending on your strain. It can help you relax and explore more of who you want to be in the world.


I've always heard that Cannabis is bad- what's up?

If you have only been indoctrinated with anti-cannabis rhetoric (been there, working on unlearning that) I’d recommend getting started with the documentary Grass is Greener. It’s available on Netflix and explores the white supremacy that surrounds the criminalization of cannabis and of folks who use cannabis. It provides an insightful history of the war on drugs and who benefitted from prohibition.

What a great documentary, any others?

From there you can check out the film 13th, which explores the 13th amendment in the US constitution that outlawed slavery, except as a punishment for a crime and how the war on drugs is just an extension of that amendment and how it works to create and support modern slavery.

Is Cannabis legal in Canada?

Canada’s prohibition on cannabis ended on October 17, 2018. Making it legal for anyone over 19 (in most provinces) to consume for recreational use. Accommodations have the right to decide if cannabis can be consumed onsite. We allow smoking outdoors (when wildfire threats are low), and in designated smoke areas.


Can I smoke anywhere in Canada?

Each municipality controls where consumption can take place- and many, like Calgary, Banff, and Canmore, have restricted that to private, single-family residences. Landlords also have the right to allow or prohibit the use of cannabis in their rentals. This is problematic as some folks have no house, do not own their homes, live in apartments/condos, or are staying in temporary lodging that doesn’t allow it. So, while prohibition has been lifted there's still much to do in the way of reform.


What are the Cannabis rules in Golden?

You can find the specific here: Mostly avoid any areas with kids and only smoke where tobacco smoking is also allowed.


Where can I get Cannabis?

There are tons of places that now sell recreational cannabis!  You can find them all throughout the area. We recommend stopping in Golden at either of the two dispensaries and they’ll be happy to help you find a product that will make your stay even better! Ask for BC bud- it’s world-famous for a reason!


Do I need to travel with my own smoking paraphernalia or buy some from a store?

You are welcome to travel with your own stuff, but we recognize that can be cumbersome or even impossible if you’re traveling from outside of Canada. We will be stocked with rolling papers, bongs, pipes, and vaporizers for your use. Reigh makes bongs out of thrifted goods in their spare time and is especially happy to share those with folks too!


Can I take leftover cannabis home with me?

If you bought more than you can consume and you live within Canada- you are free to travel with your purchase. If you have a connecting flight that is in the states- do not travel with cannabis. If you live outside of Canada- do not travel with cannabis. Not even if it's legal in your state or country.