Why Choose Us?

Queer and Bi-Racial Owned

While there’s a lot of unique character that Golden Gaze is built upon, we think one thing that differentiates our B&B from the majority of other vacation rentals is that we are building Golden Gaze to be a safe haven for people of various marginalized identities to have the relaxing, restorative vacation that they deserve.

Green-living domes

Reconnect with the earth in our unique, eco-efficient dome homes!
With 4 detached, 1-bedroom 1-bathroom units to pick from, you can't go wrong with the view, privacy, and access to our on-site amenities. 

Farm-to-table nourishment

From the first moment you arrive at Golden Gaze BnB, you will feel at home.​

Cannabis friendly

Cannabis can be a major part of relaxation and self-care. Enjoy your vacation, enjoying your earthy greens. 

Eco-centered amenities

Additionally, we have unique amenities to compliment your stay and get you in touch with the natural environment.